Financial Support Fund

WGU has established this scholarship fund to assist students who have previously demonstrated academic success and have encountered hardships out of their control. Each scholarship is a one-time award to help a student continue with his or her studies, instead of taking a term break or withdrawing. The value of the scholarship varies, typically around $500, and is decided based on circumstances and needs of students being awarded. Because funds are limited, the review board is forced to consider all aspects of your history at WGU when making an award. Your academic record, mentor recommendation, and all financial variables are taken into consideration. Please be open and descriptive with your application responses. This will allow us to fully understand your circumstances and best present them to the review board. This scholarship is open to current WGU students only. To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • Have completed at least two terms in good standing (or the equivalent of two terms worth of competency units)

Current Student Scholarships, National Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. For which term are you seeking funding? Please list the start date of that term.
  2. Are you within 30 days of beginning that term?
  3. This scholarship is intended for assistance with tuition and educational expenses only. Please describe any circumstances or financial hardships you are currently experiencing that may impact your ability to cover these expenses.
  4. What is the expected period of your financial difficulties?
  5. If you expect your financial difficulties to be short term, what changes in your circumstances do you expect to occur and when?
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